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Amy Porterfield shares her insights on Social Media, the future of webinars and how to engage with an audience.

We also talk about her past career with Tony Robbins and she talks about the one "thing" that made her decide to leave the company and go it alone.

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In this edition of BWN, I speak with systems and processes girl, Tina Spriggs.

We talk about her long and painful journey growing up and how she was able to turn adversities into advantages and now helps struggling entrepreneurs manage their businesses.

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In this edition of BWN, I speak with outsourcing ROCKSTAR,
Chris Ducker.

Chris breaks down exactly how he has been able to build a
multiple 7 figure business by leveraging the power of outsourcing.

He also shares some of the many different tasks a VA can do,
how to find the “right” person/people for the job and the
single BIGGEST mistake so many people make when hiring…and
how to avoid it!

As an entrepreneur, we sometimes forget why we became
entrepreneurs to begin with (freedom).
The “hustle and grind” mentality imo is bullshit and only leads to
burnout among many other problems.

"Work smarter not harder" is not just a catchy phrase.
It should apply to you in your business and this episode will help
you on your way.

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In this edition, I speak with author and prosperity coach, Edwene Gaines. We discuss her transformative book, The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity and dissect each of the laws. 

Imo, this book is a hidden gem. If you follow the principles laid out in this book and follow them religiously, you will experience miracles in your life.

Be careful of what you wish for...

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In this edition of BWN, I speak with genius marketer, Russell Brunson. He shares with us some KILLER marketing strategies and talks about the future of online marketing. He also reveals the #1 key to his success and why if you do just this one thing, your success is guaranteed.

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In this edition of BWN, I speak with productivity and time management expert, David Allen. 

He talks about "why" so many people struggle in this area and lays out the foundation of a system that can truly change the way you manage your life. 

He is the author of the book "Getting Things Done" which is the name of his revolutionary system. 

His system has been adopted by some of the biggest companies on the planet...because IT WORKS!!

Have a note pad and pen ready, you don't want to miss a second of this.

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In perhaps one of the most POWERFUL conversations I've had to date, I speak with Hale Dwoskin about his revolutionary (and life changing) personal development technology known as The Sedona Method.


This is one of the strongest methodologies I've ever seen for immediately releasing fear, anger, resentment, jealousy and a whole host of other negative emotions that tend to trip us up on a daily basis.


By a series of just a few simple questions (at least they "seem" simple on the surface), The Sedona Method allows you to quickly and easily remove these negative emotions from your life as well as increase and improve upon the GOOD emotions and feelings to make them even stronger!


This is a POWERFUL methodology and one of the best I've ever seen!


If you listen to this episode and would like to learn more about The Sedona Method, Hale has offered an almost 50% discount off his "SUPER COURSE", (which teaches every aspect of his powerful technology) to my listeners!


Take advantage quick because he's only doing it for a short time!


Click here to learn more:

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In this short episode, I reveal MY "biggest" secret to getting practically any guest on your show or Podcast.'s actually much easier than you think.

If you like this episode and would like to learn more about how I've gotten some INCREDIBLE guests to come on MY Podcast (folks like Gary Vaynerchuk, Jack Canfield, Dan Sullivan, Joe Polish and Darren Hardy), I'll be talking more about it in the coming weeks.

Btw, if you're reading this and haven't yet subscribed, rated and reviewed this Podcast, show some love and help a brother out!! 

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In this edition I discuss my recent trip to Podcast Movement and share my thoughts on building a value based business. I also talk about the future of Podcasting and why, imo, everyone needs a Podcast.

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In this edition of BWN I speak with the brilliant Dan Sullivan. We dive deep into the mind of this "Strategic Coach" and learn exactly what makes entrepreneurs tick.

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